Nursery - 5 or 6 mornings - 3 to 17 months (Montana)



In a warm setting and under the watchful eye of qualified professionals, your children will be accompanied throughout their stay by playful and entertaining activities.  The nursery provides early-learning games and manual activities adapted to the development of each child.
On the programme :

    Reception in the Montana building (bottom of the resort) -> see Meeting places
    Possible visit of the premises between 5pm and 6pm, meeting with the supervising team with the family (school holidays).
    Meals: carefully prepared every morning, they are adapted to the age of the children (mixed or in small pieces).
    For your children's siesta, we respect the rhythm of each one and offer rooms dedicated to
    Please bring everything you need to change your nappies (nappies, wipes, liniments...) according to your habits.
    In the community, you must be up to date with your vaccinations (proof required to be accepted by the Garderie).

6 mornings from Sunday to Friday or 5 mornings from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm in the Montana building.
Subject to availability.
In short
  • Meeting Point :
    • Kindergarten Montana