Passeport Ascensionnel Vallée des Belleville

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What is the "Passeport Ascensionnel"?

"Le Passeport Ascensionnel" is more than 50 activities to discover, ideal for discovering all the essential activities that our valley has to offer.

The Passeport Ascensionnel is a prepaid card giving you access to reductions on a large number of activities up to 50% in the Belleville valley.
You load a certain number of unit on your card (1 unit = 1€) and it is debited each time the card is used.

To have a look on all the activities, click on this link:

We offer 2 types of pre-loaded passport when booking an accomodation with us:
- 50€ credit + support offered
- 100€ credit + support offered

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